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We create a world with unlimited cloud solutions!


Our company offers a full range of services in organizing remote and home working and using computer resources from our remote terminal server via cloud solutions.

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We start collecting pre-orders for Supermicro AS-2023US-TR4 server rental. You can learn the configuration details on the order page.


You can rent resources to create virtual private servers that have their own operating system (OS) and enable users to access various server resources - applications and applications - via the Internet.

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If you need to rent a virtual server infrastructure, Wolkee.Cloud offers this service in any configuration to suit your needs based on our globally distributed, reliable data centres

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System Administration

Our company provides a wide range of services for remote maintenance of IT infrastructure. We solve complex problems and keep your company running smoothly.

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Wolkee Cloud is a high-tech company operating under the Wolkee (2013) brand.
Our mission: cloud computing, construction and implementation of virtual IT infrastructure, sale and rental of devices for remote working.







What is a Virtual Data Center

Unlike traditional cloud hosting, we don't just offer virtual machines! provides the user with leased resources, and you decide how many virtual machines to create. You choose your own operating systems, and use the leased resources as freely as possible.

What services we offer

● Rental of resources in VMWare vCloud Director system
● Wider bandwidth provisioning (on demand)
● Rental of IP addresses in the InterLIR system
● Providing paid system administration services (on demand)
● Leasing of virtual IT infrastructure
● Additional services: archiving, data storage, installation and configuration of non-standard software
● Maintenance of virtual IT infrastructure
● Management of client software

Why Wolkee.Cloud?

● Extensive experience with cloud services
● Professional technical team
● In-house server capacity
● VMWare certified


We work since 2013. Strength and competence are our advantages.

The incredible features of VM Ware vCloud Director!

You can use as you will

As we sell exclusively cloud resources that you configure the way you want.
  • No restrictions on software or configurations!
  • No dedicated virtual machines set up in a generic way, it's up to you to choose your cloud usage model!
  • All of your virtual resources are hosted on a powerful SSD array cluster for storage.
Our offer is unique in the market and definitely demands your attention.

Questions? Email us, we'll find a solution to suit your needs.

In addition to selling cloud resources, Wolkee.Cloud provides system administration and IT consulting services.

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